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Ranking the Final 16 Class B teams

Sixteen Class B teams will battle it out Thursday (today) evening for eight state tournament spots. There’s a chance the state tournament will see some new teams like Lewis & Clark, North Shore (19-5) and there’s a chance Shiloh Christian makes it back to the state tournament for the fifth time in six seasons.

It’s one of the greatest nights on the season so let’s rank the final 16 teams left in Class B:

16. Lewis & Clark, North Shore 19-5 (2-game winning streak)

15. Flasher 16-7 (2-game winning streak)

14. Strasburg-Zeeland 18-5 (5-game winning streak)

13. Our Redeemers 19-5 (5-game winning streak)

12. Edgeley-Kulm-Montpelier 19-4 (3-game winning streak)

11. Central Cass 16-7 (8-game winning streak)

10. New Town 20-6 (10-game winning streak)

9. Richland 17-5 (3-game winning streak)

8. St. John 20-3 (6-game winning streak)

7. Dickinson Trinity 20-3 (6-game winning streak)

6. Hillsboro-Central Valley 19-4 (9-game winning streak)

5. Rugby 21-2 (6-game winning streak)

4. Hatton-Northwood 21-2 (19-game winning streak)

3. Beulah 20-3 (18-game winning streak)

2. Shiloh Christian 17-6 (4-game winning streak)

1. Four Winds-Minneuwakan 22-2 (8-game winning streak)

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