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Class B Player Rankings: Class of 2021 (Boys)

Class B Player Rankings: Class of 2021 (Boys)

Editor’s note: These rankings are based off the research that the North Dakota Basketball Hub conducted. From watching game film to highlights and scouting, players have been ranked on their status as college prospects. We will also drop another list for the Class of 2021, post AAU season. If you’d like to share film as few student-athletes have highlights please email 

1 Gavin Keller 6’9/PF-C Kindred
2 Noah Swenson 6’6/PF Oak Grove
3 Lucas Schumacher 6’2/SG Linton-HMB
4 Jase Crockett 5’7/PG Northern Cass
5 Jesse White 5’11/PG-SG White Shield
6 Isaiah Bundy-Smith 6’6/F Rugby
7 Joshua Dixon 6’3/F Central Cass
8 Bronson Walter 6’10/C Four Winds-Minnewaukan
9 Noah Fredrickson 6’0/SG Powers Lake
10 Colton Konscak 6’4/SG-SF Hatton-Northwood
11 Alex Huber 6’4/SF Edgeley-K-M
12 Preston Bohnenstingl 6’0/SG Wyndmere-Lidgerwood
13 Aiden Rebel 6’3/SG New England
14 Caleb Duffield 5’10/G Bowman County
15 Steven Garza 6’2/G Grafton
16 Ryan Sletten 6’3/SG Larimore
17 Walker Wold 6’3/SF Lewis & Clark – Berthold
18 Brodie Cluchie 6’3/SF Cavalier
19 Steele Hansen 6’0/SG Oakes
20 Evan Ulrich 6’6/PF-C New Rockford-Sheyenne
21 Gunner Jacobs 6’2/SG Underwood
22 Jaeshaun Shaw 5’10/SG Four Winds-Minnewaukan
23 Lucas Undlin 6’1/SG Mohall-L-S
24 Garret Meehl 6’0/G Oakes
25 Bo Thingvold 6’1/SF Bowbells-Burke Central
26 Blayne Anderson 6’2/SF Benson County
27 Seth Robinson 6’1/SG Midway-Minto
28 Caleb Babcock 6’1/F Williston Trinity Christian
29 Carter Rens 6’1/SF Linton-HMB
30 Hunter Fletschock 6’5/SF Drake-Anamoose
31 Gage Pollestad 6’5/C Drayton/Valley-Edinburg
32 Jaden Lee 6’1/SG North Border
33 Jake Wagner 6’2/SF Strasburg-Zeeland
34 Julian Hill 6’0/SG Warwick
35 Tyson Tipton 6’2/SG Harvey-Wells County
36 Grant Gerving 5’10/PG Glen Ullin-Hebron
37 Jonah Harter 6’0/SF Kidder County
38 Payton Martin 6’2/G Drake-Anamoose
39 Cole Slaubaugh 6’5/F Rugby
40 Tucker Schiele 6’0/SG Wilton-Wing
41 Allan (AJ) Ketterling 6’1/SF Turtle Lake/M-M
42 Xander Vetter 5’10/G Standing Rock
43 Cy Luna 5’9/G TGU
44 Micah Anderson 5’10/G Milnor-North Sargent
45 Ty Wolken 5’11/PG Garrison
46 Grant Romfo 6’1/SF Langdon-E-M
47 Jeran Anderson 5’10/G Hettinger-Scranton
48 William Sanders 5’11/SG Our Redeemer’s
49 Sam Hagen 6’6/C Park River/Fordville-Lankin
50 Austin Bladow 6’3/SF Hankinson
51 William Schuster 6’1/G Midway-Minto
52 Hunter Gronneberg 5’10/G Griggs County Central
53 Dalton Schmit 5’10/SG Oakes
54 Mason Martinson 6’1/G Oak Grove
55 Trey Welstad 6’0/SG Glenburn
56 Jayden Rath 5’9/PG Kidder County
57 Max Kobbervig 5’10/SG Central Cass
58 Caleb Poitra 6’0/SF Dunseith
59 Brandon Albrecht 6’1/SG Grafton
60 Lane Veach 6’2/SF Ray
61 Khael Decotea 6’2/SF New Town
62 Tyson Backer 6’1/G Drayton/Valley-Edinburg
63 Milan Davis 5’10/G Bottineau
64 Samuel Huether 6’0/F Mott-Regent
65 Ashton Biesterfeld 6’3/C Oakes
66 Thomas Nikolaisen 5’10/SF North Star
67 Samuel Preston 6’2/SF Hillsboro-Central Valley
68 Robert Adam 6’2/F Lisbon
69 Kolby Vander Wal 6’1/G Northern Cass
70 Brandon Gruenwald 5’10/G Tri-State
71 Justin Garza 5’11/G Grafton
72 Payton Cauthon 5’10/G Kidder County
73 Max Fehr 6’0/SF Barnes County North
74 Sutton Berg 5’11/G Wilton-Wing
75 Dawson Lemna 6’0/PG Enderlin
76 Karter Hansen 6’2/F Washburn
77 Wyatt Lemay 5’10/G Westhope-Newburg
78 Owen Zerface 6’0/G Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page
79 Xavier Mitchell 5’10/SG Rolla
80 Cole Fitterer 5’11/G Dickinson Trinity
81 Logan Lutz 6’3/PF Mott-Regent
82 Parker Runck 6’2/G Lisbon
83 Jamison Irwin 6’0/F Midway-Minto
84 Dawson Zuroff 6’0/PG Beulah
85 Caleb Erickson 6’4/F Bowbells/BC
86 Luke Wanzek 6’2/SG Shiloh Christian
87 Carson Weigum 6’6/C Beulah
88 Samuel Johnson 5’10/G Drayton/Valley-Edinburg
89 Taylen Strand 5’8/G Bottineau
90 Carter Rystedt 6’3/PF Powers Lake
91 Logan Merck 5’7/SG Bishop Ryan
92 Jersey Selzler 5’10/PG Velva
93 Jackson Anderson 6’2/G Hillsboro-Central Valley
94 Jacob Daniel 6’0/G Dickinson Trinity
95 Connor Smith 5’10/G Trenton
96 Logan Becker 6’3/PF New Salem-A
97 Lane Underdahl 6’0/SF Lewis & Clark, NS-P
98 Jaden McNeiley 6’0/G Kenmare
99 Tyler Kastrow 6’2/PF Heart River
100 Jerison Lenoir 6’5/C Warwick
Once led his home state in total fouls during his senior high school basketball season. Never turned down a 3-pointer he didn't like. Will dominate anyone in a game of PIG. Follow on Twitter @PaceTheAce_

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