We caught up with 18 of the 20 student-athletes that were selected for this summer’s Lions All-Star Class B girls basketball game.

They shared some insight about their strengths and weaknesses on the court along with their future plans after high school. The girls game will take place July 13 at Bismarck Legacy High School and July 14 at West Fargo High School.

Callie Ronningen

Position: SF

Height: 5’11

High school: Langdon-Edmore-Munich

Strength: “One of my strengths is that I’m a very calm person especially on the court. I don’t lose my cool and I think that’s very important because it helped keep my team calm as well in high-pressure situations. Another one of my strengths is that I’m pretty versatile for someone my height. I used to mainly play in the post but my junior year I started to be more of a guard for our team which helped a lot because my coach could put me wherever he needed me depending on who my defender was.”

Weakness:I would say my main weakness is that I can be very passive, especially when my team gets a good lead. I get just as much or more satisfaction from making a good pass and having a teammate score than actually scoring myself. So most games I would have to be told to be more aggressive on offense.”

Future plans: “I am going to UJ (University of Jamestown) to play volleyball and major in nursing. Which I am very excited about!”

Kaitlynn Scherr

Position: G

Height: 5’7

High school: Langdon-Edmore-Munich

Future plans: “I’m playing basketball at Dakota College at Bottineau.”

Strength: “I’d say my strengths on the court is my ability to shoot the ball and play defense.”

Weakness: “I think my weakness on the court is being too unselfish. I turn down a lot of open shots trying to find a shot that’s even more open for my teammates.”

Kaia Sorby

Position: G

Height: 5’4

High school: Thompson

Future plans: “After high school, I’m going to NDSU (North Dakota State) for business administration and I’m not playing any sports there.”

Strength: “I’d say my strength on the court would be my defense and quickness.”

Weakness: “Something I could work more on would be getting shots up. I’m more of a pass-first type of player.”

Latasha Bellile

Position: G

Height: 5’9

High school: Four Winds-Minnewaukan

Future plans: “Well I’m looking at going into nursing and I’m going to continue my basketball career at Lake Region State College.”

Strength: “I can read the floor well and can create plays for my teammates. I can also handle the ball under pressure with both hands.”

Weakness: “I can’t get my shot off because I’m a set shooter and I get frustrated easily and I tend to force bad shots or passes.”

Ellie Holen

Position: G

Height: 5’4

High school: LaMoure-Litchville/Marion 

Future plans: “I am attending the University of Jamestown, playing volleyball, and majoring in Elementary Education. I’m super excited for this next chapter in my life.”

Strength: “My strength would be my knowledge of the game. I know the game of basketball. I’ve been around it since I was born and I’ve always been able to think quick in certain situations when my team needs it.”

Weakness: “My weakness would probably be passing up open shots. I would get to the basket but then pass to my teammate and sometimes that wasn’t the best option.”

Coral Alt

Position: G/F

Height: 5’11

High school: Flasher 

Future plans: “My plans after high school is to attend BSC (Bismarck State College) and get an associates degree in applied science and then finish the rest of my education at the University of Mary once I’m finished at BSC and I do not plan on playing college sports.”

Strength: “My strengths on the court would be playing selfless basketball, working together as a team, scoring and hustling up the court.”

Weakness: “Weaknesses on the court would be keeping and maintaining the level of intensity on the court.”

Megan Moser

Position: G/F

Height: 5’7

High school: Medina-Pingree/Buchanan

Future plans: “I will be attending the University of Jamestown and pursuing a degree in Exercise Science. I will also be playing volleyball for the Jimmies!”

Strength: “I think my strengths are being able to see the court, and a strong aggressive defensive player.”

Weakness: “I think my weaknesses are my jump shot, and lack of quickness.” 

Leah Feland

Position: G

Height: 5’7

High school: Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood

Future plans: “Next fall I plan to play at BSC (Bismarck State College) and start in agribusiness!”

Strength: “I’d say my strengths include being able to bring the ball up the court as well as getting to the basket.”

Weakness: “My weaknesses include boxing out and having height to post up.”

Hailey Roberts

Position: G

Height: 5’6

High school: Our Redeemer’s

Future plans: “Attending MSU (Minot State University), I have not yet decided my major, but I know I want to coach basketball when I am older. I liked being close to home. I enjoy the girls on the team and I really like the coaching staff there too. I’m really excited about playing basketball locally.”

Strength: “I’m a good scorer (and) creating offensive opportunities for other people.”

Weakness: “I’m a little undersized (and) I have some room for improvement on defense.”

Samantha Oech

Position: F/C

Height: 6’0

High school: Beach

Future plans: “I plan to play basketball at BSC (Bismarck State College).”

Strength: “I would say my strengths are rebounding and having good court vision.”

Weakness: “Some weaknesses are aggressiveness and being vocal on the court.”

Kaity Hove

Position: G

Height: 5’7

High school: Trenton

Future plans: “I plan to become a chiropractor in the future!”

Strength: “My strength is probably my ability to see my teammates and set them up.”

Weakness: “My weakness is my 3-point shot.”

Daysha Sherdahl

Position: G

Height: 6’0

High school: Mandaree

Future plans: Signed to play basketball at Bismarck State College

Gillian Brouillard – Alternate

Position: F

Height: 5’10

High school: Park River/Fordville-Lankin

Abby Magnuson – Alternate

Position: F

Height: 6’1

High school: Hillsboro-Central Valley

Future plans: “I am planning on attending Dakota Wesleyan University where I will be playing basketball and throwing in track.”

Strength: “Some of my strengths would include being a versatile player. I can play from the inside but can also hit 3-pointers. I’m also able to drive in strong when players come out to guard me.”

Weakness: “One of my weaknesses would be that sometimes I guard girl’s on the perimeter and I need to be able to move my feet faster to stay on them.”

Morgan Neimiller – Alternate

Position: G

Height: 5’7

High school: Oak Grove

Future plans: “After high school, I plan to attend NDSU (North Dakota State) for interior design, and I would like to further my athletic career in club sports and city leagues. I was allowed the opportunity to play in college but decided it would be best for me to focus on my future.”

Strength: “I think my strengths are leadership, ball handling and finishing at the rim. I worked a lot on my ball-handling skills and they improved, even more, when I was put into games where I was the one who needed to bring the ball down the floor in my early years of high school. I think experience on the court really improved those skills. I have always found it easier for me to finish at the rim than outside shots, and as I played more and learned what I could do, I was able to finish at the rim even more often. With leadership, I have always loved being a leader, and basketball brought out the best of those qualities in me.”

Weakness: “One of my weaknesses is probably how competitive I am. It mostly can be used positively but sometimes I would get into a competitive mindset where I wasn’t enjoying the game anymore. As I got more experienced, I became more comfortable in my competitiveness and learned to channel it in a healthy way for myself and my teammates.”

Jordyn Burner – Alternate

Position: G

Height: 5’6

High school: Kindred

Future plans: “I will be attending Grand Canyon University in Arizona! I plan on majoring in Business/Marketing. I don’t plan to play basketball in college but will probably do some intramural stuff for fun!”

Strength: “I love to share the ball with my teammates, work hard to earn them great shots, play solid team defense and put myself in a great position in our press to intercept passing. I feel like I can handle pressure really well and I love to shoot from behind the arch. My coach has always given me the green light and it’s one of the reasons I love the game so much.”

Weakness: “Perfectionism, I feel is one of my weaknesses. Each player on the team has a role and it can change each night, game to game. I hold myself to that high standard, which gives me (the) drive to improve and do my very best but can get me down on a bad night.”

Brittany Rath – Alternate

Position: G

Height: 5’10

High school: Kidder County

Future plans: “I was considering playing college basketball but I tore my ACL at the end of the season. Due to the corona my surgery has been put on hold, so my plans are unsure.”

Strength: “My strengths are I love to play basketball and drive to the hole and finish or pass to a teammate.”

Weakness: “My weaknesses are I tend to rush my outside shots and sometimes make poor passing decisions when I am in a rush.”

Camryn Alt – Alternate

Position: F/C

Height: 6’2

High school: Flasher

Future plans: “After high school, I’m going to continue my volleyball career at BSC (Bismarck State College) and go into nursing.”

Strength: “My strengths on the court is probably keeping the team staying on a positive level at all times. It’s easy to get frustrated or down during a game and I believe I am very good at making sure everyone gets a good laugh and remembers the game is not over because of a simple mistake.”

Weakness: “My weakness is that I am a hacker and I average four fouls a game, unfortunately. I think it’s because of my long lanky arms but that could just be me.”

Jaidyn Brummond – Alternate

Position: F

Height: 5’11

High school: TGU (Towner-Granville-Upham)

Future plans: “I am going to Dakota College at Bottineau for physical therapy and also playing basketball there.”

Strength: “Strength I would say a smart player in the post.”

Weakness: “Weakness is ball handling.”

Taylor Dean – Alternate

Position: G

Height: 5’5

High school: Stanley 

Future plans: “I have signed to play basketball at Mayville State University.”

Strength: “My strength is seeing the court and passing.”

Weakness: “My weakness is rebounding.”


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