We caught up with 15 of the 19 student-athletes that were selected for this summer’s Lions All-Star Class B boys basketball game.

They shared some insight about their strengths and weaknesses on the court along with their future plans after high school. The boys game will take place July 13 at Bismarck Legacy High School and July 14 at West Fargo High School.

Andy Freier

Position: G

Height: 6’3

High school: Kindred

Future plans: “My plan for after high school is to attend the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. I don’t think I will play at the next level at all.’

Strength: “Some of my strengths are getting to the rim and being a leader on the court. Most of my success over my career has come from behind the arc though.”

Weakness: “A couple weaknesses I have are finishing around the basket and sometimes I let an off night affect my game.”

Cole Myers

Position: G/F

Height: 6’3

High school: Richland

Future plans: My future plans are to attend NDSU for Exercise Science. I would’ve loved to play at the next level, but didn’t get many looks.”

Strength: My strengths on the court are my abilities to shoot the ball and push the ball in transition. I like to play fast and spread the ball around.”

Weakness: My weakness on the court is my unselfishness. I tend to look to pass first instead of looking to score.”

Carson Henningsgard

Position: G

Height: 6’2

High school: Hillsboro-Central Valley

Future plans: “I think LR (Lake Region State College) was the right fit because they were always pursuing me throughout my career and especially my senior year! It just seemed like they showed me that they really wanted me and that was kind of the deal breaker! I wanted to go somewhere where I thought I would fit well and where I was really wanted, and I saw that with LR. I am looking forward to getting in the gym and getting better while at LR and hopefully being able to do big things while I am there!”

Strength: “I think my strengths are my basketball IQ (so I just know the game well because I have been playing since I was little) and being able to get others involved. I also think I can shoot the 3 ball pretty good. I can always improve in all categories though!”

Weakness: Some of my weaknesses that I look to improve on may be like a little floater to shoot over taller guys as I move on to college, and a nice little pull-up jumper from anywhere inside the 3-point line! Like I said, I am always looking for ways to improve my game and keep taking it to the next level!”

Treagan Azure 

Position: F

Height: 6’4

High school: Dunseith

Future plans: And I also do plan on playing at the next level but I am undecided where I’m going to go after high school.”

Strength: “My strengths are my all around game, driving in for the bucket, getting my teammates involved, and my IQ of the game.”

Weakness: “My weaknesses are making a jab step move.”

Doug Yankton, Jr.

Position: F/G

Height: 6’4

High school: Four Winds-Minnewaukan

Seth Nelson

Position: F

Height: 6’4

High school: Carrington

Future plans: “I am attending Bismarck State college and yes playing basketball.”

Strength: “My strengths would be my court vision and always finding the open man and being able to guard multiple positions.”

Weakness: “Weaknesses are my ball handling.”

Jaden Mitzel

Position: F/G

Height: 6’2

High school: Shiloh Christian

Future plans: “I am going to be attending BSC (Bismarck State College) to play basketball and baseball, while getting my generals done, on top of getting my pilot license.”

Strength: Some of my strengths include giving 100 percent, driving, defense, and hard working.”

Weakness: “Some of my weaknesses include rebounding and being more aggressive around the whole court.”

Trace Goven 

Position: G

Height: 6’2

High school: Rugby

Future plans:  “I will be attending lake region state college and earning a degree in criminal justice, and yes I will be playing basketball for lake region, Go royals!”

Strength: My strengths would be that I am a strong guard, can handle the ball well and have a really quick first step, I finish through contact, my pull up jumper, and a pretty hard nose defender.”

Weakness: My weakness would be the catch and shoot.”

Jaden Hamilton

Position: F

Height: 6’7

High school: Rugby

Future plans: “I am going to the University of Jamestown after high school to play basketball and track and field.”

Strength: “Strengths are being taller than a lot of people at 6-foot-7. Being able to shoot from close, mid-range, and from the three. (I) have good awareness and know what’s going on (and) can go up and get rebounds over people. Can also pass the basketball very well.”

Weakness: “Weaknesses are getting stronger and quicker.”

Devan Michels

Position: G

Height: 6’2

High school: Rugby

Jonah Larson

Position: C

Height: 6’6

High school: Beulah

Future plans: “For right now I plan on playing basketball at BSC (Bismarck State College) and going for the athletic coaching program.”

Strength: “Strength for me is defending the rim, rebounding and court sense.”

Weakness: “Weaknesses are finishing through extra contact and free throws.”

Rhett Hanson

Position: F/C

Height: 6’6

High school: Stanley

Future plans: “I am going to BSC (Bismarck State College) to play basketball and get a degree in farm and ranch management.”

Strength: “My strengths are probably that I can post up but also stretch out to the three and then shot blocking.”

Weakness: “My weakness would be that I need to be quicker to guard the more athletic players at the next level.”

Connor Jensen – Alternate

Position: F/C

Height: 6’5

High school: Northern Cass

Future plans: “I plan on going to NDSU (North Dakota State) to major in Precision Agriculture.”

Strength: “My strengths would be post moves.”

Weakness: “My weaknesses would be shooting from the outside.”

Carter Lingen – Alternate

Position: G

Height: 5’10

High school: Richland

Gavin Reiland – Alternate

Position: G

Height: 5’10

High school: Richland

Future plans: “Undecided.”

Strength: “Defense, handling the ball, can shoot from most spots on the court, mental games.”

Weakness: “Height, inconsistent with driving and shooting, strength, confidence.”

Tyler Loe – Alternate

Position: G

Height: 6’0

High school: Dakota Prairie

Future plans: “My plan is to go Lake Region State College (to) continue my basketball career and major in education and plan on coaching in the future.”

Strength: “I believe my strengths on the court are my dedication to the game, being vocal and a team leader no matter if I’m in the game or on the bench, I’m always focused. I’m able to get or facilitate a big bucket if the team needs and I’ve really extended my range this past ear to be able to pull up or spot up and hit a deeper three. With not being as tall as other players I believe that will help me in the future.”

Weakness: “I’d say my biggest weakness has been staying healthy that has plagued some big parts of my high school career. Another weakness could be physical strength and athleticism. I’ve improved over the last couple years getting in the weight room to improve my body but I still believe I can improve on that even more.”

Gage Swanson – Alternate

Position: F

Height: 6’3

High school: Beach

Future plans: “For after high school I’m going to go to Dickinson State University and I’m going to play football there.”

Strength: “Well for strengths I’d say I play pretty physical and rebound hard. I’d say I can drive pretty well and finish and can knock down shots when I need to.”

Weakness: “For weaknesses I would say I’m not the tallest player and a lot of times this year I would have to play down low so that can be difficult but working hard can make up for it. Also, I would say my defense was something I had to work very hard at to improve.”

Garrett Ward – Alternate

Position: G

Height: 6’3

High school: Hazen

Future plans: “My plans for college are to go to VCSU (Valley City Stater) and pursue a career in Fisheries and Wildlife Science. I will also be competing in track and field.”

Strength: “A strength of mine is offensively and defensively I can see the court very well.”

Weakness: “A weakness for me is on defense I can sometimes be a bit too aggressive.”

Hayden Andes – Alternate

Position: C

Height: 6’4

High school: Lewis & Clark, North Shore-Plaza

Future plans: “My plans are to attend BSC (Bismarck State College) this fall.”

Strength: “I would say my strengths are posting up, rebounding and shooting.”

Weakness: “I’d say my biggest weakness is ball handling.”

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