With the Class B season underway, here are the top Class B girls student-athletes to keep an eye out for in 2020-21.

Region 1

Abby Duchscherer  Kindred  Jr.   24.2 ppg, 9.2 rpg, 3.7spg

Megan Roob  Richland County  Jr.    21 ppg

Terryn Johnson  Kindred  Jr.    16.2 ppg, 10.3 rpg

Halle Crockett  Northern Cass  So.    19.8ppg

Region 2

Mackenzie Hughes  Thompson  Sr.  21ppg, 53 Three-Pointers, 103 assists

Carlee Sieben  Grafton  Sr.  19.1ppg, 131 assists, 61 Three-Pointers, 93 Steals

Elizabeth Schanilec  Midway/Minto  Sr.  16.8ppg

Walker Demers  Grafton  So.  10.1ppg, 9.4rpg,  4.9apg

Region 3

Hannah Hagel  Carrington  Sr.    13.1ppg, 7.8rpg

Madeline Schmidt  Kidder  Sr.    17.6ppg, 4.3apg, 3.5 spg

Jaycee Richter  Linton/HMB  Jr.   15.1ppg, 4apg, 37 Three-Pointers

Kennedy Harter  Kidder County  So.

Region 4

Quinn Neppl  Benson County  Jr.    20.4ppg, 5.7rpg, 3.7spg, 2.4apg

Rozalind Strong  Dunseith  Jr.    21.4ppg,

Morgan Freije  Langdon Area-Munich-Edmore  Jr.    12.1ppg, 5.6rpg, 3.1apg

Mahpiya Jackson  Four Winds/Minnewauken  Jr.  10.9ppg, 6.5rpg, 2.7spg

Region 5

Isabelle Boyer  Grant County  Sr.    22.9ppg, 12.4rpg, 125 steals

Hailey Quam  Wilton-Wing  So.    21ppg, 12.9rpg

Jacie Hall  Shiloh Christian  Sr.    12.9ppg, 7.9rpg

Grace Kelly  Shiloh Christian  Jr.    14.5ppg, 5.8rpg

Region 6

Ellie Braaten  Westhope-Newburg  So.    19.1ppg, 136 total assists

Kylie Abernathey  Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood  Jr.    13.8ppg, 5.6rpg, 3.1apg

McKenna Rolland  Glenburn  Jr.    15.1ppg, 8.1rpg, 2.1spg

Olivia Passa  Velva  So.    22ppg, 7.5rpg, 2.1apg

Region 7

Abbey Kubas  Dickinson Trinity  Sr.    19.6ppg,  11.3rpg

Samantha Oase  Hettinger/Scranton  Sr.    17.4ppg, 11.6rpg, 2.5bpg, 2.3spg

Ellie Powell  Bowman County  Jr.    14.7ppg, 8.1rpg, 2.1apg

Kinsey Zuroff  Beulah  Jr.    12.2ppg, 7.1rpg, 2.2apg

Region 8

Alyssa St. Pierre   Trenton  Jr.    14.1ppg, 9.3rpg, 1,325 Career Points

Kate Zimmer  Kenmare  So.    16.1ppg,  5.1rpg,  3.6 apg

Junior Ivy Fox  Parshall  Jr.    17.8ppg,  8.5rpg,  3.4spg, 2.4apg

Brenna Stroklund  Kenmare  So.    16.3ppg, 7.1rpg, 2.1bpg

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  1. Alissa Haugland should be changed to Alyssa St. Pierre. You have St.Pierre’s stats but Alissa Haugland’s name.

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