The 2021-22 Class B basketball season is upon us and it marks the unofficial fourth season of the North Dakota Basketball Hub.

We started out with zero followers in December 2018 and have grown the account to over 1,500 followers today.

I started the account a few years ago because I was passionate about Class B basketball and that of course still holds true today. I wanted a place where I could have engaging conversations with fans but also highlight those 1,000-point scorers, for example, that don’t get the attention of the major media markets in the state. Or to highlight a team that won its first Region tournament game in 10 years, for example. Because there’s a ton of talent in this state and it doesn’t get talked about enough.

Our growth, however, has nothing to do with us and everything to do with you, the reader or follower. If it wasn’t for you, this account would still
be at zero followers. So, I thank all the fans, parents, teachers, coaches and student-athletes for that.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get our season previews out this year, so we’d like to apologize for that but we do have a lot of new and exciting content coming your way.

Along with blogs throughout the season, this year we plan to stream on YouTube once a week. Now you might be thinking what exactly does that mean?

Every Sunday night, we’ll tweet out our game of the week (boys or girls). We’ll go live from the North Dakota Basketball Hub’s YouTube account 30 minutes before tipoff and the plan is to create a watch cave if you will. We’ll break down every play, share our halftime and post game thoughts and give out a player of the game award before the night ends.

Starting on Monday (Dec. 13), we’ll be live on YouTube for the #1 Kindred vs. #7 Hillsboro-Central Valley matchup.

The plan is to watch our game of the week with each other like you would sitting in your living room or basement with your friends or family hanging out together in our own “Watch Cave.”

We are excited for this different content journey and it’s going to be a blast.

If you would like to support the stream either through advertising or joining as a guest, please email

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