Pace — A North Dakota sports journalist and a power hitter with average around the green skills. Pace is a +10 handicap but it depends on his driver. If he can get off the tee without any trouble there’s a good chance he’ll shoot a few over par.

“I’m good at golf,” Pace said when asked about his golf performances this summer. “I need to spend more time chipping and putting but if my ball is in play when I walk off the tee box, there’s a good chance I’m beating everybody.”

Pace’s Sunday fit: Red hat (any kind, really), black polo, red belt, black pants/shorts and white golf shoes (“I haven’t purchased my red spikes yet)

Pumba — Not exactly sure what Pumba does for a job. It’s way over everyone’s heads. He makes money though, according to him. Pumba is a smart golfer with a +7 handicap. He won’t outdrive your sister but he’ll score well around the greens.

Pumba’s Sunday fit: TaylorMade hat, light blue polo, khaki shorts/pants, black belt and dark green spikes.

Tom’s Butler — Let’s make one thing clear: Tom’s Butler is not a golfer. He’s golfed maybe three times in his life. Tom’s Butler is on the golf course to grab you another beer out of the cooler.

Tom’s Butler’s Sunday fit: Minnesota Vikings hat, red USA Marksmanship polo, khaki shorts and athletic shoes.